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Trump Isn’t a Successful Businessman

Trump Isn’t a Successful Businessman

Op-Ed: Republicans want to win — and Trump’s now a loser

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump has been a controversial figure for the past four decades. But before his nomination for president in 2015, one thing was certain: The Republican Party had no idea who he was.

That is, until he was nominated.

In the weeks and months that followed, that changed. The Republican Party discovered that they had the best of both worlds when it came to Trump. They found someone who they could hate. And they gave him a platform to push his message.

So now, Republicans want to win. They want to win big. They want to win in November, and they know that Trump is a loser.


If you recall, Trump spent the last four decades in business. As such, he knows about things that you don’t even think twice about: the art of the deal, the art of selling, the art of selling to the people.

But, as many Republicans know, Trump doesn’t care about those things. What he cares about is getting elected. Anything else is just a distraction for him. And you know what Trump cares most about? His own ego.

That’s why, when the Republican National Committee decided to nominate Trump as their presidential nominee, they gave him a platform that helped make them the second party in two decades to do that.

That platform was his business record. And let’s be clear: He would go down in history as an enormously successful businessman. But, if you ask voters that question, it’s quite possible they’ll come back with the conclusion that he is not a successful businessman at all.

So, while Trump is about as successful a businessman as you can imagine, he’s not about as successful a businessman as you can also imagine. And if you ask Republicans if Trump is a successful businessman right now, probably not.


And that difference could have big implications, because voters are not usually very good at judging whether or not someone is a successful businessman. It takes much more than just having a very successful business to qualify as a businessman. For instance, we know that Bill Gates isn’t a successful businessman right now, because the government will seize his Microsoft business if his company ever reaches the level of profitability he seeks.

So, we’ll

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