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The Far Right and Their Supporters Are Working Hard to Make This Country a National Embargo

The Far Right and Their Supporters Are Working Hard to Make This Country a National Embargo

Letters to the Editor: Disillusion with voting is exactly what the far right wants

In a month full of surprises, it has been hard not to think about the election of Trump.

It was a surprise for most of us who knew that Trump was never going to win. And yes, it was surprising, even when he won the Electoral College.

Trump was not only a far right candidate but many of his supporters were, and, as he said, he was not a leader. To me the most disappointing result was a loss for Hillary Clinton.

Although she did win in the popular vote, she didn’t do well in states like Florida and California. In spite of all of her political genius and her winning strategy, she lost the vote in those two states.

I can’t say that I am disappointed. She did a nice job on the international stage. She did a fine job while serving as secretary of state.

I voted for her because I thought she was the first female candidate ever to win the presidency. Now, I feel a lot of people felt that way.

The election of Trump, the right-wing takeover of the GOP and a loss for Hillary was just what the far right wanted.

There was a right out-and-out hate-Trump movement in this county. A movement that was about hate and misogyny, not about anything else.

Even though Trump won the electoral vote and won the popular vote, it did not win the popular vote in the Electoral College.

In spite of that, the far right and their supporters are working hard to make sure that this country becomes a national embarrassment as they work hard to strip away all the civil rights that are on the books today and replace them with laws that put the far right first.

I say that not because I agree with them or think that Hillary Clinton is the answer to our problems.

It is because we need

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