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The Dodgers Are Still the Team to Beat

The Dodgers Are Still the Team to Beat

Letters to the Editor: Dodgers lost? Fake news. Just declare them the winners, and let them have the parade.

In a recent column by the Post-Dispatch’s sports columnist, Jim Salter, he wrote, “It’s almost embarrassing how many writers think it’s still baseball season.”

Mr. Salter was spot on.

This is a joke. This is the week after the World Series. This is only four weeks removed from the beginning of the season. I understand all the excitement the Dodgers are experiencing, especially after they crushed the Kansas City Royals in seven games, but please, stop pretending we’re still in the ‘dog days of summer.’

If we’re going to make a fuss over these Dodgers, maybe it’s time we actually go out and watch a game.

Yes, we should. The Dodgers are fun. We all love seeing them play. The new kid in town, Jose Altuve, is going to start the season great. And then there’s Clayton Kershaw, who has been brilliant. And then there’s the lineup. But I have to get out there with the guys on the field.

How many times have I been to Dodger Stadium — the oldest ballpark in the major leagues, the home of the Giants and Dodgers — and I’ve seen those guys come into the park. They look so serious. And yet, underneath the grimace is a twinkle in their eyes. The smiles get bigger as the game goes on.

My favorite memories have been of that time, when the team was at its most carefree. They’re always smiling and laughing. It’s a joy to watch them together. But they’re always serious when they walk off the field.

On the field, they’re still the best team in baseball.

But the team’s lost seven of eight games. In a bad year, that has to be demoralizing.

And yet, the Dodgers are still the team to beat. We’ve read and heard all about this team, but we haven’t had a chance to see it. Well, we’re going to. The Dodgers are winning, and we want to see the team succeed. I want

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