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The 10 Loudest European Football Stadiums in the World

The 10 Loudest European Football Stadiums in the World

Qatar’s Loudest Fans Aren’t from Qatar

When it comes to fans, I am always on the lookout for places that have the loudest fans. Some seem to know just how to let loose on a football match, but sometimes it can be hard to find places that match that description.

In the United States, the loudest fans tend to belong to Dallas Cowboys fans. Their fans, who were the most notorious for their boisterous behavior during games during the 1990’s, have since become an iconic part of American culture.

In the UK, the loudest fans tend to belong to Liverpool Football club fans. For the next 20 years, they were infamous as one of the most boisterous fan sections in the world. After a series of events involving the police, a game between Liverpool and Newcastle United was postponed.

In other countries, where football is more of a local sport, the stadiums are often used as venues for traditional sporting events. These events sometimes go on for several days, and fans bring with them their own way of enjoying the game. A good way to find examples of that is to visit a city that has a football team from a large continental nation. In the UK and United States, most of the fans are from the United States. In Germany, France, and Italy, the national teams are often the loudest fans in the world. Fans from these countries typically gather in the stands and cheer on their team as they attempt to win the World Cup.

Here is a list of the 10 loudest European football stadiums in the world:

1. Munich, Germany

Munich is one of Europe’s top football cities. The stadium is famous for it’s fan section, dubbed the Bavarian terrace, which was the largest in Europe at that time. The terrace is still popular for football games, and has become a well known example of a group of people enjoying a game together.

The terrace had a capacity of around 10,000 people, and was named after the city of Munich.

2. Liverpool, United Kingdom

In the 1970’s, Liverpool Football club was one of the most popular teams in the world, making them the most popular team

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