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Ontario Health confirms five cases of COVID-19 in Halton Region

Ontario Health confirms five cases of COVID-19 in Halton Region

Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Halton and Durham regions cases from around Ontario

TORONTO, May 8 (CIDRAP News) — Ontario’s Provincial Police Service (OPP) is confirming the fifth Ontario case of a member of the public to have contracted the COVID-19 virus — a resident of Halton Region in southwestern Ontario.

Halton Regional Police is providing updates on the case to the public and will continue to update the public on the progress of the investigation and the number of cases within Halton Region.

In addition to that case, OPP has confirmed two other Ontario cases: one in Durham Region and one in the Regional Municipality of Durham.

These are the first cases of infection from Halton Region, Durham Region and Durham in the province.

“While we’ve had confirmed cases in Halton Region and Durham Region, we are confirming that a member of the public was infected with COVID-19 in the Durham Region from Durham County. The individual travelled from Halton to Durham and returned to Durham region and is recovering. Durham County has also confirmed a case and is following the same protocols as with Halton County,” Halton Regional Police Chief Darbins said.

Halton’s chief added that while Ontario Health has identified the five cases within the Halton Region, all of those are in quarantine for 14 days after being notified of infection on May 4.

“We can confirm that all our five cases are in full quarantine and will continue that as they await positive tests. If it becomes likely that any of our cases travel, we are monitoring those and monitoring public health to ensure individuals will not spread this virus if they return to Durham Region, Halton Region or Durham County.”

Halton’s chief added that OPP had been investigating the five cases within the last week and there are no plans to alter the 14-day period within which individuals are quarantined as the risk of infection is low, if at all.

“We will continue to follow the protocols that have been outlined by the province and ensure public health is kept safe.”

In a statement provided to CIDRAP News, OPP said, “the risk of contracting COVID-19 is low for the Halton Region, Durham Region and Durham County, and the individuals are being isolated and quarantined.

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