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Measure C is a ballot measure that will be on the ballot measure ballot in November

Measure C is a ballot measure that will be on the ballot measure ballot in November

Endorsement: Yes on L.A. County Measure C for regulated cannabis sales, which will help fund the county’s planned homeless services and veterans’ homeless services efforts. Vote yes on Measure C.

The measure would provide tax revenue to help fund homeless services, including providing funding for new homeless spaces (i.e., safe storage for those sleeping in city parks). The measure also would fund homeless services in L.A. County, including providing funding for outreach to those who are homeless in the county and providing funding for the county’s homeless services program.

“The homeless in L.A. County are under-represented and I want to help address this,” she said.

“I support giving them safe storage,” said Councilwoman Hilda L. Solis, who supported Measure C. “I think it’s important and I’m very excited we’re going to do this.”

Measure C passed by a vote of 6,874 to 2,948. Mayor Eric Garcetti was the sole city councilman to vote against Measure C, which Solis said shows a “tough stance,” given the mayor has not backed homeless services efforts in Los Angeles for years.

Vote yes on Measure C.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl, R-Fullerton, also had his concerns about Measure C. In his statement opposing it, he said:

“This ballot measure will be costly and difficult to implement and will do nothing to help prevent the continued loss of affordable housing and displacement of low-wage workers, such as restaurant employees.”

Rosendahl also said that Measure C would take away from Measure R and the ballot tax measures, which are two of the most progressive ballot measures and would help fund affordable housing.

“I am concerned that the two ballot measures could be weakened,” he said. “Measure C would be an attack on Measure R, the local business tax and the Measure M sales tax exemption.”

Measure C is a 3-year ballot measure that is also going to be on the ballot measure ballot in November. The measure has been submitted by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) submitted Measure C to Los Angeles County voters as part of its “Vision Zero

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