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McIlroy: “It’s pretty hard to go back and win the Masters at that age.”

McIlroy: "It's pretty hard to go back and win the Masters at that age."

US Open: Why is it so difficult to win a second grand slam? Rory McIlroy: I’m not going to lie to you, I’m feeling pretty good right now. You know, I’ll get into trouble for saying this, but I can’t get into trouble when I’m playing well.

“I’ve been playing well for the last half of the week. I’m just going into the final round with a chip on my shoulder and you never want to let the other guys know how good you feel about them. I can’t control that. But I’ve been playing well for the last couple weeks. I love it when you have a good performance early in the week. I just want to make sure now that I don’t start thinking, ‘I’m not going to get that done because I need to play really well.'”

McIlroy has five majors, two of them coming this year (the Masters and U.S. Open), while the other three came in 2008. Does he know what he needs to do to win another? “I think it’s pretty hard to go back and win the Masters at your age, and that’s the thing that is really fun about it — I wasn’t going to get in trouble when I was playing great at that age, so I don’t think I’ll be trying to do that too often.”

Is this year’s U.S. Open a little different, too? “I don’t know if it is. I’ve had great success here in the last couple years. My confidence is high. I do feel like I feel confident. I’ve been playing really good here for the last couple weeks and it’s fun coming back. And I have a chance, I have a goal. I would like to win this week, but you never want to make it too hard. You want to take the time you need to get it right.”

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