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Kim Zolciak is booing her ex-husband for not speaking on camera

Kim Zolciak is booing her ex-husband for not speaking on camera

Why are ‘Real Housewives” biggest fans booing one of its stars?

A group of the Real Housewives of New York fans are booing their favorite cast member – Kim Zolciak – because she doesn’t want to speak on camera about her relationship with her ex, Eric Johnson.

Zolciak, who was dumped by Johnson in 2011 after 14 years were married, is seen by many as the true “housewife” of the show and her decision to not appear on camera on a segment of the Bravo reality series is being criticized for being unprofessional.

According to E! News, Zolciak explained: “[My relationship with Johnson] is not really about the show, it’s about what’s going on in her life.”

She added: “She didn’t really want to be on the show. She told me. She wanted to come off as a normal person, so it’s fine.”

What’s more, Zolciak has since defended Johnson, telling E!: “No, I don’t know what he told her. I have no idea, honestly. I know that it’s not what he wants or what she wants, but it’s not a priority for me at all, and I feel like it’s not a big deal for her either.”

In another statement, she told the E!: “I have nothing against him or his family, no offense to anyone.”

But she’s not the only star of the show having a problem with Zolciak. A number of fans are criticizing Johnson for not choosing to speak on camera on the controversial portion of the Real Housewife of Los Angeles segment.

As it turns out, Johnson had also wanted his ex-wife, E! News reports, to leave the camera off the show altogether.

However, according to the news channel, he told her, “No, I wanna stay on the show.”

So why does this matter? Well, the news channel said that Zolciak’s decision to not speak about her breakup

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