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Kanye West’s anti-Semitic message is aimed at the Jewish community

Kanye West's anti-Semitic message is aimed at the Jewish community

Holocaust Museum LA invited Kanye West to a private tour. Now it’s target of antisemitic attacks

The White House’s Holocaust Museum is an important venue for the President and millions of visitors to see a great American story told in a powerful way.

But it’s also now the focus of a nasty antisemitic attack — the online message, shared widely among left-wing activists, is called “Kill the Jews” and is aimed directly at Kanye West.

It’s part of a larger campaign of anti-Kanye-West attacks, with critics branding him a “pig” and a racist.

“Kanye is a f—ing pig,” the post, accompanied by a photo of the rapper with a Hitler mustache, says.

“You should kill a Jew in a building next week.”

The message goes on, attacking the rapper’s work and “his entire family.”

“His family is a cancer that has to be cut out. Cut your skin like a bullet and you will bleed to death. The man is dead inside. [His sons] Jay-Z and Kanye need to be killed and should be shot for the murder of their father.”

The post urges viewers to use the “Kanye West Anti-Semitism Test,” which asks if they think the singer is a bigoted “Jew hater” or a “white nationalist.”

It adds that he “should be killed.”

“Kanye is a f—–t, period,” a commenter, named David, wrote. “He’s a white nationalist and a liar. He’s a cancer on the country and needs to be eradicated. Get him out of office.”

The Los Angeles branch of the Museum of History in Los Angeles invited West to a private tour, according to the museum’s president, David H. Kelley.

Kelley said he was “not aware of the anti-Semitic nature of the post … as the post was clearly in response to a question on a public forum.”

But, the museum now has to contend with the campaign against Kanye West, who has made appearances at his concerts across the nation, where he’s received standing ovations, even when he’s compared to a Nazi.

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