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Hugo Soto-Martnez is a former police officer and a champion for public safety

Hugo Soto-Martnez is a former police officer and a champion for public safety

Endorsement: Hugo Soto-Martínez for Los Angeles City Council District 13

There is a familiar ring to many of the criticisms of the Los Angeles mayoral race. They are the same criticisms that were leveled at former L.A. City Councilmember Eric Garcetti, and they have to do with Garcetti and his progressive policy legacy in the city over the years, particularly those related to public safety.

“While I know there are many to appreciate Garcetti’s work as City Councilmember, the fact is that he has not led the charge in terms of being a champion for public safety,” stated candidate Hugo Soto-Martínez.

“I recognize that there are many who do not support my candidacy but as a former police officer and as someone who knows the value of our police force,” said Soto-Martínez. “I am a passionate advocate for our people of crime and I understand the concerns surrounding public safety. That is why I have dedicated my office to addressing the concerns of the residents of Los Angeles.”

In order to put the past in the past as Soto-Martínez approaches his new position, he has had to make some concessions from where he was a few years ago.

“I also understand the challenges that the community is currently facing and what the city needs to focus on. As a former police officer I know that there are many areas within the city of Los Angeles where residents have not been able to walk safely at night,” said Soto-Martínez. “I know that some residents may not agree with my approach but they have to realize we need to work toward the best of the best to meet the threats that we are facing. Being a law-abiding community requires cooperation with law enforcement in a cooperative effort.”

The candidate does not support the use of private security companies in the event that he is the next mayor.

While Soto-Martínez was able to say on The Jeff Probst Show last week that his top priority is addressing public safety, he also made it clear in his campaign that he would be going forward with his plan to address the affordable housing crisis and his goal to create more mixed-use developments throughout the city. As to public safety, he believes that Garcetti was not able to give a full voice to the people, but he remains committed to addressing the concerns of the

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