Where are the Christmas markets still going ahead?

Christmas markets are an event in every postcode but London has 10 top-rated markets. Where else are there?

Where are the Christmas markets still going ahead?

London has 10 top-rated markets. But visit individual boroughs and there’s a range of quality, from Hungary’s best to Hong Kong’s worst


“WhatsApp advert” at Christmas at Blackpool Tower Christmas Market

A sixth of the capital’s 47.5 designated Christmas markets appear in London, according to the survey. Here, Iram Shergill, 66, proudly shows off her luxury goods stall. “My ma made the tea set for the stall, and her husband has the pick of the cheeses.”

Grosvenor Square, London, where Christmas markets are most prominent

Queen’s Christmas Market London, December

The size of an average pub in North Wales, the organisers of Queen’s Christmas Market – a showcase for traditional crafts – reckon 100,000 people have visited since their opening in December 2015.

The cafe at Queen’s Market, London, England

Aquadragpa market, Malaysia

The market at this market is primarily a buyers’ paradise. Visitors take note.

Aquadragpa Christmas Market, Malaysia, Asia

Christmas Market, Hungary

The Berliner Hohensalzburg market, which dates back to 1676, has just celebrated its 250th birthday. Like this year’s Metz market, it presents the past at its best.

Christmas Market, Budapest, Hungary

Philadelphian’s Marketplace Christmas Market, Philadelphia

This, according to the survey, is “a merry marketplace,” which is possibly an exaggeration but shows the down side of trying to be inclusive, too: no costume shops on site. The ‘Galloway charm’ (as proprietor Audrey Buzzell calls it) offers a colonial feel, with French, Austrian and Polish food and wines, or you can mix and match it all with the stalls.

Christmas Market, Philadelphia, USA

Hong Kong Christmas market

It’s so good it’s been voted best in the world for 20 years. The streets are lit up in trees and brightly coloured shrubs – you need a couple of helpings of caviar to even enjoy it – and this year, with a huge temporary bridge and ferris wheel on the south bank, there’s the usual procession of stores filled with their specialties and the usual midnight light show.

Christmas Market, Hong Kong, Asia

Brussels, Brussels

This is where many a Christmas has been ruined. With lacklustre prices and few items, it can be really depressing. You can find a few better places to spend the night or day: the Old Market (for free items such as clown heads, giant, sweaty egrets and more), is particularly high quality and the Belgian Beer Haus is a steal.

Old Market, Brussels, Belgium

Pyramiden Christmas market, Austria

A market that lives up to its name, the tiny shopping street near Vienna is full of souvenirs, wurst and fruit and, of course, wreaths, bows and glitter. A good start is the wreath, great for a brief snog.

The Classic Shopping Street, Vienna, Austria

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