What does a 21-minute show in 15 minutes do?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption But for 15 minutes a year, they spend 17 “intense” minutes on her

When it comes to the US cable news programme Fox News, there are a few constants.

You can watch Donald Trump on screen every day – once.

You can watch Nancy Grace, the journalist on the screen.

Every weekday morning for 15 minutes from 7am US eastern time (2am BST), CNN and MSNBC commentators just can’t compete with Grace’s 14-year-old “hard” news reports.

They spend their time playing zebra, staring at their phones, and/or going to the bathroom.

But for 15 minutes a year, they spend 17 “intense” minutes on her.

Rita Cosby is not famous beyond the shores of America.

In the UK, she does not have a viewership

Her programme – The Rita Cosby Show – started last May.

It has only 10 minutes to talk to four guests.

It has been three weeks since the last programme so, by that measure, it’s gone.

The “exclusive guest interview” with radio producer Chelsea Epperson was the last of five so far this year.

Although the headline read “Somalia’s international aid chief Sheikh Abdullahi Mohamud” the broadcast was actually hosted by 76-year-old Grace.

She’s the TV show “voicing” current affairs and interviewing the very likely imminent death of a woman from Somalia

She’s using her morning show to bring attention to a UN-funded anti-wrinkle cream

And she’s clearly a great actress, especially when she hits her 80s facial expressions.

Given that Sir John Major came on the show and used the now infamous word “stupid” when addressing either Mr Trump or his son-in-law, there could be no further question that the show was popular

The BBC has asked Fox News for comment. We haven’t had a reply.

This is a true story – for the moment.

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