WATCH: H1N1 Virus Making People Sick

by FOX News Radio’s Eben Brown in Seoul, South Korea.

The H1N1 virus is still making people sick. And sometimes it seems to happen to people in the vicinity of the pandemic – for example, this woman who had been linked to the virus:

(Hwang, South Korean Doctor) “It was a close contact with other patients or people infected by the virus who were also linked to the school.”

Doctors in a town near Seoul say they have yet to find anyone infected by the flu with the H1N1 virus, a version of the seasonal flu which usually happens about once a year.

(Judy, American Software Engineer) “I came from church the other day and there were about 30 people standing there and then there was not as many people. They closed down the hospital in the city center. They didn’t send people out into the streets or anything like that.”

One reason may be facial recognition software already at work in the town.

(Hwang, South Korean Doctor) “It’s a very fast software that focuses on the facial structure of a person, it looks at the tissue of the face and it calculates the number of things the flu virus will probably be infected with.”

Four decades after the H1N1 virus first showed up, this test is now being extended to look at the disease’s shape.

(Prize, South Korean Doctor) “With this kind of software you can almost predict the height of the virus.”

Besides tracking the virus, doctors will test the system to see whether it improves vaccine production.

In Seoul, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

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