Video: Putin’s student visa revoked for leaving USSR?

When the Soviet Union collapsed a quarter of a century ago, Vladimir Putin, then a KGB agent, had his student visa revoked and was essentially prevented from returning to his home country.

“I fled to Crimea, living for some months out of a suitcase,” Mr. Putin recalled during a televised interview. “I didn’t bother to get a job. I helped my family by moonlighting as a taxi driver and chauffeur.”

This story, compiled from a transcript of the forum by Philip Sheppard at RT, was the center of ridicule on social media.

Putin stole a taxi, worked as a taxi driver & chauffeur. Yeah…even JFK had to earn a living. His new op-ed: — Benedict Rogers (@BenedictRogers) May 16, 2018

…Anyone remember Lenin who used to drive a car and photograph Lenin’s car? — Luciano Florio (@luciano_) May 16, 2018

Of course, he’s a retired Soviet ‘security’ officer which gives him a responsibility to repress investigative journalists who expose him and his Communist Party regime’s crimes and cover-ups of crimes by those within the Duma. #Putin — Scott Gordon (@scottgordon) May 16, 2018

Such stories aren’t all too unusual, albeit with a twist. Last year, it was widely reported that former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was toppled in 2014, still moonlighted as a car driver in Crimea and drove a fleet of Moscow luxury cars.

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