Venezuelan nationalist wins Honduran presidency

A leftist candidate has unseated the country’s long-serving president as the opposition took control of the legislature in a historic first in the Central American nation, which is home to the second-largest population of Venezuelans.

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The polls had closed in Honduras at 9pm on Wednesday after most voters decided to side with a veteran advocate of free education and a former Honduran firebrand who has run unsuccessfully for president before, Líbano Sosa of the leftist ZLP or Libre party.

At around the same time as Sosa had claimed victory in the race for the presidency, Salvador Nasralla, the 58-year-old leader of an opposition party, the Partido Libre (Renovation), won control of Congress, where his party will be sworn in on Sunday.

According to recent polls, Sosa and Nasralla are neck and neck at 40% each, with four other candidates tied just behind.

The victory of Sosa, the mayor of Tegucigalpa who last served as education minister in 2009-2011, will bring an end to 66 years of one-party rule by the Liberty and Refoundation (LIBRE) party.

President Juan Orlando Hernández’s corruption has been condemned, as the United Nations, the EU and the US have all issued corruption findings against him.

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