UK’s backpacker crackdown to end in May after too long a wait

Transport minister says restrictions on liquids in carry-on luggage will end by May

Transport minister Darren Chester says tighter customs and border protection rules to manage rush-hour border queues over the Christmas holidays are no longer necessary.

“There will be no additional restrictions on passengers carrying liquids into the country at the border in carry-on luggage for travel around May,” Chester said.

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The three-month period in July, August and September every year sees border and customs officials work overtime to try to counter the 10%, daily peak in visitors by air. The turnround time required to clear border security is even quicker.

Victoria Airport Authority said on Friday that peak wait times at Melbourne Airport had eased for the first time since Christmas 2016.

The WA port of Fremantle reported earlier this year that two of the six water ways being built to move ships between Australia and ports on the southern and northern oceans were to be completed. The others are expected to be complete by 2021.

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