The rollercoaster week of Lewis Hamilton and his hopes of being the new Formula One king

It has been a week of sometimes shocking, wildly conflicting reactions to Lewis Hamilton’s first three races as British champion. It has been a week of fierce debate, even frothing on social media, as many observers — fans, ex-drivers, even reporters — have been left confused by the wins and losses of the Mercedes star.

It’s been a week of many heated responses to the controversy this was.

On some BBC streams of races, more than a third of the coverage in the second hour of the races contained racing clips featuring contenders who did not score a point, while many Brits remained fiercely faithful to Hamilton.

Retired world champion, Nigel Mansell, blamed those who voted for Hamilton: “Look at your Twitter feed: looks like the choice is with the British people. I used to say we’d miss the old days, before all the money,” he told BBC Sport.

There were days where Hamilton looked pummeled, which his opponents argued was inevitable given the weight of the pressure he has carried and the superb start he has had to his F1 title defense.

Until, that is, Mercedes found reliability issues with teammate Valtteri Bottas, a move that allowed Hamilton to redeem himself and cruise to victory in Melbourne, Australia, on March 18th, and to respond forcefully to accusations that he was distracted by a relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

Now, in Texas, Mercedes are insisting that Hamilton deserves it, and Team Manager Paddy Lowe told The Times, “He could have said, ‘I know what the headlines are going to be,’ but he didn’t.”

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