The Pentagon will reportedly open a UFO investigation center

The Pentagon announced Thursday that it is starting a new center on unidentified flying objects, according to the Associated Press.

The center will replace the Pentagon’s Office of Special Investigations, which is responsible for investigating UFOs and is an independent body funded by the Pentagon’s budget. The UFO report is expected to be under the command of Col. Todd Blando, chief of staff for the Defense Department’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, AP reported.

While no specific target date was set for the center to open, AP noted that it could be as soon as the next fiscal year.

The announcement of the new office comes as a group of retired generals and a former Air Force general are leading the campaign to make UFOs a public safety issue, marking the first time that the military has incorporated a “UFO” into its “U.S. Strategic Command” mission.

On Feb. 21, the Military Coalition for Missing Persons in UFOs and Related Unidentified Flying Objects issued a request to the White House to issue a report on UFOs. The report would bring together scientists, geologists, engineers, historians and more to find out more about what is happening in the skies.

A Pentagon spokesman said that the department was “very interested in these issues,” and “we have offered to help with the transition.”

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