The hottest words in #SS17 fashion

Technically, your synthetic shirting is just as soft, fashionable and luxurious as anything from a premium British tailors, but you’ve never worn it.

It’s a sentiment that’s all too common. It takes us mere mortals ages before we admit we don’t own an item of designer couture or, heaven forbid, such items themselves.

“People are making most of their first impression of a garment through the look of it,” Carolyn Killoran, the Eventi stylist who worked with James Bond’s Daniel Craig on his dapper outfits, tells Business Insider. “The deeper the colour, the more obvious the details, and at the highest level, the stronger the frame.”


That’s exactly why every beautiful garment deserves its own lexicon, a shorthand, and a tribute. So, below is a list of our all-time favorite sweatshirt acronyms, gathered from the Many Twitter accounts for SS17.

Tie s1 – The tie; it’s safe to assume that wherever this hoodie with an Arts & Crafts vibe exists, it’s tied.

Tie s2 – The T-shirt; a surprising t-shirt for a range composed of so many textiles.

Unstated T – Like a Tuesday morning, this large white sweater is lost in the sea of sneaks.

Shirt s1 – The basic, rolled-up shirt; you know, the one you wear when you’re bored of wearing regular clothing and don’t really want to give up that cozy, fuzzy feeling.

Shirt s2 – The shirt with the buttons rolled up, and there you have it: the timeless shirt that reveals everything about your coiffure, lifestyle and haircut.

Sweat s1: Now that this is on a list, we don’t really know what to say. It’s warm? It’s soft? There’s that Band-Aid on it? It’s from two seasons ago?

Sweat s2: That’s right: the original take on the classic sweatshirt, perhaps. And that ‘GIRL PROUD’ seems a little familiar.

The black jumper – This simple graphic and classic cut has defined many a designer look.

The watch – Sometimes the watch should do the talking. In other words, when said watch becomes its own identity.

The jean – To wear with everything, even pieces of synthetic stretch.

The earring – Are earrings not huge right now? They’re either super cool, or super huge. Here’s hoping for more of the latter.

The handbag – Over-sized? Under-sized? Flipped back? Neutral shades? Combination thereof? A must-have for any true fashionista.

The rolled up pant – The best example of ‘sweatshirtism’ yet. The elevated way to make the most of traditional jackets.

The hoodie – A multi-layered outfit, the hoodie is also the most important element. It’s utilitarian. It’s resilient. It’s duffle.

The coat – The ideal puffer. Because the puffer is objectively beautiful.

The sneaker – A sneaker that works with almost anything.

The scarf – Darkly dyed. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather own the beautiful lifestyle in my own scarf.

The scarf – Darkly dyed. Well, actually I do.

The monogrammed bracelet – Well, that’s a note to the person who once gave you one of these tags. Treat it as something to be treasured.

The Hello Kitty pic – This one’s for the Hello Kitty-clad

the Hello Kitty pic: the #Oprah2020 candidate

the #Oprah2020 candidate lol tbh I’m having too much fun during @Oprah2020 interviews — Tiffany Marsolais (@tiff4eva) May 2, 2017

The manicure – What’s the mani look like without the manicure?

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