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Stephen Lacy isn’t sorry he smashed his camera during a show

Stephen Lacy isn’t sorry he smashed his camera during a show

Steve Lacy is not sorry he smashed a fan’s disposable camera onstage: ‘I am human’

Stephen Lacy isn’t sorry that a fan’s camera smashed in his face during a performance on Tuesday night, and he isn’t sorry he smashed the camera: “I’m a human being and it happens.”

He went on to explain to that his reaction to the moment was part of a long-since-resolved conflict between him, the fan and the photographer — over a fan’s camera smashing Lacy in his face.

“I want to say I’m not sorry at all that that happened,” Lacy said, adding: “I’m a human being and it happens, it’s okay that people don’t like me and don’t want me or my show and my band and all of that, but as a human being, we’re just human beings and we make mistakes.”

The incident occurred during a show in San Francisco on August 26 at the House of Blues, when Lacy, who has been playing as a solo artist for over a decade, was taking part in a tour with his band, The Dead South. Lacy was performing the show with singer and guitarist Steve Loughlin, who was also with The Dead South that night.

The evening started off with a performance by saxophonist Andy Cichocki, and the show started to get interesting when Loughlin took the stage with Lacy. During the band’s performance, Loughlin started taking photos with the audience with his iPhone.

One photo that caught the attention of some audience members showed Lacy standing in the audience with a camera near his face. When the photo was taken, Lacy was taking Loughlin photos with his iPhone.

During the second of three songs, Loughlin took a photo of Lacy with a clear lens of his face. This moment, Lacy said, was one of the times the camera “crashed down.”

During a video interview with Loughlin, he told the writer and editor of the interview, Brian Kief

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