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With so many parents and students affected by student out-breaks, they want a better understanding of the progress they’re making on combating the disease.

FOX’s Eben Brown is in our studio with the latest updates:

Senator John Thune talks about the latest signs the vaccine is working.

The Centers for Disease Control says we shouldn’t wait to get vaccine. They say it’s at the highest risk of babies and those with compromised immune systems.

The Department of Homeland Security says refugees should avoid visiting endemic areas such as Mexico. Officials say the WHO provides almost instantaneous guidance for those traveling to such areas of concern.

Official travel advice is probably confusing and inconsistent. At the same time, VIA has a petition calling on President Trump to stop taking children, especially those from countries known to be hot spots for Ebola. A hearing has been scheduled on the petition, but the White House has yet to make a decision.

Another suggestion: keep your holidays at home. The CDC recommends avoiding any destination known to be at the highest risk.

Finally, FDA approves the first vaccine for childhood diseases, myconium pneumonia. Still a few years away from routine use.

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