Rev. Jesse Jackson on Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rage: Where Is The Connection?


Rev. Jesse Jackson wants President Trump’s anti-Islam rage to stop.

“Where this nation is wrong is not Muslims in America or in Europe or elsewhere, but misdirected anger that has not addressed what this country is really about,” he said Friday, amid a week of protests over the U.S. Embassy in East Jerusalem.

Rev. Jackson has long battled anti-Muslim sentiment, including during the 1991 Gulf War, which marked the first U.S. ground war in Iraq since World War II. He co-authored the book, “No Mosque on the Moon: The Religious Left and the Islam Scare.”

So he was troubled by Trump’s eruption last week against a Muslim baby-eating goat.

But in this case, he called the president’s words “misdirected.”

And many other faith leaders are echoing Rev. Jackson’s sentiments.

So are the preachers themselves who attend Trinity United Church of Christ, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached.

The Holy Ghost Revival at Trinity:

Delegates prayed over tweets in support of Palestinians.

And a report in the Chicago Tribune says:

To those expressing antipathy toward Muslims in this country, a measure of their Christian admonition is found in a long tome by Martin Luther King Jr., a measure he combined with his desire to understand the plight of Palestinians. “For ‘love is patient and kind’ is the highest commandment, and the second is that ‘the love of God is the light in darkness.’¤” said the Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. “A great spiritual leader, a great man of God, a courageous man of God and a prophet for the poor has declared we are all neighbors.”

(Igor Litvin)

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