Next Wave: Flying Building or Tall Ship Tower?

The future’s revealed to be like the present, and history is repeating itself.

Every now and then, a new ship takes shape in the form of a tall building. Despite the fact that these buildings are usually skyscrapers, this concept goes beyond the standard design. The “Sonar House” is set to take shape in Helsinki, Finland. As traditional as it looks, the smart idea is that it will rise from the bow of a Finnish ship. According to Finnish news agency Ahtanea Iltuliainen, it will be an innovative floating building made from proprietary materials with about 550 meters (1,775 feet) of height that will not require a crane to lift it into place.

If it moves like a giant torpedo, it will be massive. The Shell House is a similarly high-rise vessel designed by Scott Hutchison. And while there’s no word on how high it will sail, here’s a rendering of how Shell House will look from inside:

Some more design thought from Höhnel 1, Shell House by @Scott_Hutchinson_UK, and City of Hope Tower by @sierre_a1 #BuiltLater #Perspective #SpaceAvante — The Maritime Center (@themaritime_centre) March 5, 2018

Watch the clip above for a closer look at Shell House. And what happens if you try to escape? It can always be fixed with a sticky mat.

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