NBCNewYork looks at the new flu vaccinations and immunizations for NYC public schools

NEW YORK CITY — “It’s the best (health and medical) info we have, and it’s constantly updated,” says Dr. Babak Ganji.

Ganji is the Director of Pediatric and Neonatology at NYC Health + Hospitals Queens – we spoke to him Tuesday after he had been all day fielding questions from reporters.

Ganji isn’t worried about the new vaccines and immunizations requirements that became effective Tuesday for New York City public schools, he is worried about the people who are going to be complaining — but it is going to happen.

“It’s so early, I don’t know about people who have put their trust in physicians,” he says.

“It’s a new thing; I haven’t seen any uptick, at this point, in getting kids to the doctor. And most people don’t bother about it either, in terms of needing that extra screening. I think a lot of people, most people understand that, that it’s their job, and if they want to believe something, they are supposed to believe something and ask some more questions and figure it out for themselves.”

Out of the 300,000 people who visit NYC Health + Hospitals in a typical week, Ganji says he’s confident it’s safer to go out and rub some disinfectant on your hands and do what you’re told.

“I would feel very safe to get my kids vaccinated. I think if you’re a parent and you have religious views or you have philosophical reasons why that doesn’t seem like the best for you, I would feel better if someone talked to you on a more in-depth level before you came into any of these decisions.”

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