Metropolitan #130% Taxpayer: Rome Has a Budget of $328 Million and 27 Government Ministers!

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Rome has a budget of $328 million and 27 government ministers. A rotten economy and a mayor falling out with the Prime Minister are just a few of the reasons why’s Paolo Gentiloni became the Italian capital’s interim mayor last November.

“They had a complete failure last year with the mayor who didn’t really know how to operate the municipal entity. This is now over and for the new mayor he should do the same and push forward things that are important to the ordinary citizen that he has heard from. But if he wants to push forward, he needs to do it wisely and he needs to do it with enough attention to the shortcomings of his predecessors which are, of course, the most important problem of his administration.”

-Mike Fernandez, Morristown, NJ Radio Show Host, On The Record

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