Man arrested after shooting bullets into Royal Canadian Mounted Police car

A man was arrested Wednesday after three C$25,000 ($20,000) pellet-type rounds were fired into a vehicle parked outside the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters in Prince George, British Columbia, according to an RCMP statement.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are federally mandated and are tasked with protecting the territorial integrity of Canada, including borders.

The man is believed to have driven to the nearby RCMP headquarters but did not set foot inside, said RCMP officer Raphael Lafreniere. Instead, he walked up to one of the vehicles and began firing in its direction.

At least one of the rounds struck the vehicle, Lafreniere said.

The man took a cab to an ATM and was caught, Lafreniere said. The suspect’s identity and motive for his actions have not been disclosed.

“If you’re going to go out and harm police you should go out and harm police,” Lafreniere said. “And if we catch you that’s good, but if we don’t catch you, you still have a gun in your pocket and you still can fire that.”

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