Kim Kardashian passes ‘baby bar’ exam after warding off barristers

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The ‘baby bar’ will be an easy to understand legal document for parents to sign

Kim Kardashian, the world’s most famous person, has passed a “baby bar” exam after enduring “several hundred” study sessions in preparation.

The 36-year-old shared a picture of her study materials on Instagram, and showed her official certificate which had been issued by the California state bar.

The “baby bar” will be an easy to understand legal document for parents to sign when their baby turns a certain age.

Children under 18 must have the document.

According to a report in the US online magazine Mother Jones, the California bar “takes two months to certify someone’s credentials for this entry-level bar exam”, which also features information on medical benefits and the hospital code.

One of the first people to try it, writer Ilana Kurshan, who has five children herself, wrote how she completed the test in just 10 minutes in February 2017.

Image copyright FAMEFLYNET Image caption The TV star was less fortunate with her attempts to become a barrister

“The baby bar also has the most basic facts on it, which we in California are required to know before we can be a lawyer,” she wrote.

But it was not as simple as that for the Kardashian-West couple, who had four children within a year, and spent many hours studying to be properly prepared.

In December 2017, the TV star took an “elective course” offered by a legal education advocacy group called The Association of Women in Criminal Justice.

It featured discussions with experts who “designed relevant questions” for use in the bar exam, according to the spokeswoman for the organisation, Susan Carroll.

Ms Carroll said that those studying the questions were free to modify them as they saw fit.

She said only the student had the final say about whether it made it to the final exam.

Ms Kardashian’s baby bar test grade was not specified.

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