Katie Couric on the evolution of her TV brand: ‘I’m no longer the kind of reporter you’re used to seeing on the air’

Most of the world knows Katie Couric as a TV reporter, but now she’s a “brand” that gets on her plane. We’re talking about Katie Couric as brand manager. A smallish brand in the military space, here’s how she’s evolved.

Katie Couric For a decade-plus, Katie Couric used to sell a brand of news. She co-hosted ABC’s “Good Morning America” for years, and her show was watched in the millions. More recently, it has grown by a substantial amount on CBS’s “This Morning.” Couric’s posts on 60 Minutes are still big, but she also helps brand the show. In some ways, she used to be very much in the news. And still does on 60 Minutes.

Now, Couric co-owns and has an executive producer credit on a new breed of travel show: “Grow With Me.” That’s her brand’s slice of the pot. Another new show on her plate is a documentary-series-with-a-message called “Speaking Truth to Power,” about women who have some political and governmental experience and say they’ve benefited from their female experience. “Women in Politics” follows those women as they progress, promoting the work of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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