Jessica Connell’s top fitness tips

Yoga isn’t the only form of exercise to increase activity and cognition.

Can we expect recreational Athletes’ Blood to Enhance Brainpower? On Friday, Jessica Connell the author of A Time to Dance, held a free yoga workshop in Swansea. If yoga is having a moment, then it’s fair to say Jessica has plenty to say.

My life changes when people start to recognise me

Jessica: I moved from being an actor to a dancer and that is when everything changed. My life changes when people start to recognise me.

Exercise may be the simplest and most effective way to better your brain, but as well as sport, you can take in other forms of exercise such as meditation, working with a dialectician, spending time on a mountain bike, reading biographies or playing an instrument. Of course, there are still longer term studies which need to be carried out to see if these studies are indeed reliable, but both yoga and gentle exercise are one of the most common routes to feeling better. In fact, studies reveal that over 30% of the population do so in any given week.

Doubtless, there are negative views about sport amongst some people. There may also be those who see a formalised, “formal” approach to it. However, the best interest of the athlete should always come first. How else can the benefits be felt?

The benefits of the individual athlete’s change to a high intensity low oxygen environment (HYPOZONE) can be seen in their mind, body and mental wellbeing. There is also increasing support for longer term research in the area, including scientific investigations into its overall risks. We see that various aspects of exercise are most often linked to both heart health and the recovery phase from the hard work of sport (and from various injuries). The study into the positive benefits of my Breathing Skills is one such example of medical advances making the athlete look better than they are.

Jessica Connell’s Breathing Skills

One of the benefits of working with yoga is that you are asking yourself what you would do differently in response to any issues. All artists and athletes are aware of their limitations and that “zone” is what you are working towards. You can also work through your personal issues with the same technique. We are all powerless against all of the forces around us, but with the right training, any flaw could be worked around in both ways.

Yoga is not magic. There is an element of hope for anyone who practices yoga, and those who “pay attention” to their physical, mental and emotional states. However, the benefits of exercise and yoga are likely to be better to come for all of us, regardless of our physical and mental capabilities.

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