How to set the perfect TV viewing experience

Written by By Lucas Allen, CNN

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As a home remodeler, one of the first things we focus on is the TV room. If you do not find a concept working in your house — in terms of configuration, style and technology — then we advise you to have the TV room removed as soon as possible and start over.

Even with a functioning room, however, setting the TV on angle is a mistake: unlike a video-game console or a computer desktop, there is no “pull the legs back” feature to offset the set and ensure the set never topples over. (To prevent this from happening, use sturdy shelves and box shelves, instead.)

Although the design of the space is important to consider, the drawbacks of positioning the TV in this way have no bearing on how good the viewing experience is.

That said, it can be worth considering if your TV has the most modern of specs. If a high-end television is not needed, we suggest keeping the side features so as to look as natural as possible, and situate your foot on the edge of the sofa. However, if you have a new TV that is particularly bulky, you will need to invest in a small TV stand. Just remember, as we have all found, if you have a truly large TV in the bedroom, then more space is needed for it.

It is easier to move furniture around than to install a new TV, so we recommend making sure the back edge of the television is still facing the wall. Then, simply move it back a little to tilt it into the ideal position for the television, and then slide it on and off the TV stand to keep the furniture in place.

Lastly, we suggest buying a tiny TV stand for your home that you can sit on, and which you then prop up against the bed or on your bedside cabinet. This way, you can check through the night if you’re watching TV without any of the sound getting trapped in the room.

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