How to return an item online through VASGap

You shop at Amazon all the time, but did you know you can return items there too? That’s right. We’re talking 100 times a year, if you’re buying things off-the-shelf from Amazon and then renting those products on VASGap. You can also return items via Amazon with a valid receipt at a majority of the top retailers.

VASGap has a return policy that matches Amazon’s. Customers can return items if they have unopened packaging, they paid for the item with a verified payment card, and they weren’t able to use it.

Can you return your iPhone with VASGap?

If you return something through VASGap, you’ll need to get it in the company’s possession and retrieve it from one of their warehouses to get it shipped back to you.

If you keep an electronic item for more than 30 days without using it, VASGap will send you a request to return it. You’ll have to select how you’d like to return it; whether to a VASGap or Amazon partner warehouse or an Amazon Redemption centre.

If you want your items returned by a specific date, you’ll need to hold it for the postman. You can drop off your items at a VASGap location, through your Amazon Prime Now service, or a select retailer’s retail locations.

Registrations open for VASGap in August

If you’re thinking about buying something from Amazon or another retailer’s website that you don’t own, now is the time to register for VASGap. If you have already selected which retailer’s site you’re planning to return to, you can fill out the registration and be ready to check out soon. Otherwise, you will need to register within 30 days of making a purchase.

Consumers typically pay a registration fee, as well as a fee for each item that they return. The fees for returns vary depending on the retailer and if you keep an electronic item for more than 30 days. This fee adds up, because you can take hundreds, or even thousands, of items to drop off at VASGap.

Return days and delays aren’t uncommon, however. While they may take a few days to ship your item back, VASGap’s website promises an on-time return within 2-5 business days. Furthermore, VASGap partners will contact you if your item doesn’t arrive on time, suggesting that you either cancel your return or reschedule the drop off so your item arrives on time.

Which retailers offer returns via VASGap?

VASGap works with several retailers, so there is definitely the potential for over-the-limit returns. These include Amazon Marketplace, Apple, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart.

Each retailer’s processes vary, but you can expect that the majority of online purchases might require a return via VASGap. VASGap offers drop-off locations at five dedicated retail locations across the US. They are:

Arizona Headquarters: Scottsdale

Burbank: Burbank

Bend: Bend

Elk Grove: Elk Grove

Tucson: Tucson

VASGap’s Shopping Hometown Drop Off Locations


For more details on the Florida VASGap drop-off locations, check out their website.

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