Hover over a painting and it could be yours

Written by Asael Jones, CNN

It may not actually exist yet, but this bold concept could one day put you at the center of history.

Still in its embryonic stages, the A.D.U. Experiment offers the chance to create your own masterpieces. Once a few thousand of these wannabe artworks have been completed, those works will get scanned and collected into a permanent collection.

As if to emphasize the dreamy side of the project, the A.D.U. website features a gorgeous, nostalgic-looking image of the A.D.U. logo, cobalt blue and green. But it’s not for decorative purposes: the logo, unlike much of the work, is unglossy.

The A.D.U. experiment. Credit: Courtesy A.D.U.

Once in existence, each of the projects will be scanned, which can be used to create 3D drawings or models. These models could then be used as pieces of art themselves.

The project is the creation of TED speaker Karim Amer, who has co-edited the concept with his brother: Lebanese artist Mazen Amer.

Karim Amer has already turned his concept into a viable prototype. He created a set of A.D.U. originals and completed them using a 3D printer. He then printed out other 3D-printed designs, including his own creation of this logo.

Mazen Amer, meanwhile, has also demonstrated that his creations can be made into forms, which he has in turn photographed. “I published several images of my prints online with the promise that I will be uploading more over time,” Amer said.

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What’s more, two of his models — one of which is modeled on Amer’s handshake — could make their way into collections. Amer could not disclose which galleries have already expressed interest in purchasing his works, but it’s safe to say he’ll have a lot of choice come 2020.

On the website, which was created using software from Unity, a favorite of virtual reality developers, Amer promises to release more details about the project “within a few weeks.”

When asked about how this first step was going, he replied: “It is going very well so far, we are in the midst of scanning all 100,000 masterpieces within the project.”

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