Homicide officers take over investigation as man dies a week after being shot in Brampton

Owen Revell, 25, shot in the head and taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, in Quinn Road area last week

Homicide officers take over investigation as man dies a week after being shot in Brampton

A young man is dead and three other people are in custody in connection with a fatal shooting in Brampton, Ontario.

Cops confirmed that a 25-year-old man has died after being shot in the head in the Quinn Road area last week.

Owen Revell, 25, was treated at Brampton’s St. Michael’s Hospital before being taken to a Toronto trauma centre where he was pronounced dead.

Sources told the Toronto Sun that Revell, who has lived in Brampton since he was eight, was shot by two off-duty Toronto police officers who were out on secondment. Revell’s car was blocked in by two vehicles when shots were fired at the scene.

“I can confirm that Owen was shot and taken to the hospital in critical condition,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokeswoman Sgt Marie Damian said. “From the information that I have, two off-duty Toronto police officers were in a car that got into a collision with another vehicle.”

Damian did not reveal what happened next, including the identities of the other vehicle drivers, but said police were called to the scene after the first shots were fired.

She said Revell was found with gunshot wounds and taken to hospital. “It’s our understanding at this time that these two off-duty Toronto police officers, when they were involved in the collision, saw that Mr Revell had been shot and a call went out to the Toronto police,” Damian said.

The Toronto police said that Revell is a citizen of Canada.

Police said in a statement that investigators are still working to determine a motive for the incident. It said all three suspects fled the scene, abandoning the shooting suspect’s vehicle at the scene.

The chief inspector of the Toronto police said that off-duty officers had taken over policing from regular officers on the night of the shooting. He said his officers were doing the investigating.

Revell’s death marks the fourth homicide in Brampton this year. There have been five shootings this year in the area where the latest shooting occurred.

Police have previously said that most of the shootings are related to drug transactions, gang turf wars and retaliation killings. Police said last week that several other guns had been recovered in the area around the time of the shooting.

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