Guyana Times Shines Light on Life Insurance, former Police Officer

This week’s Guyana Times pays tribute to a former major in the Guyana Defence Force who later went on to carve out a career in the field of life insurance. (The article was originally published in the 2000 Guyana Times, but is being reprinted in honor of the Guyana Defence Force’s 70th anniversary.)

After serving four years in the ROK (Korean People’s Army) in the 1970s, Major Ray Sattaur returned to Guyana and became a defender of our shores and a businessman.

He opened Sattaur Construction Co. in 1963 and in the early 1970s the company handled major construction projects such as the expanded Uitvlugt Hospital, Mackenzie Airport and the Timehri Marriott.

He eventually switched his focus to life insurance, serving as Manager of Sattaur Supermarkets for a number of years before leaving the business and subsequently retiring from the Force in 2006.

We are honoured to announce the premiership of Major Sattaur, owner of the Sattaur Supermarkets, as well as the new management for both businesses, Wingate & Company, under the title of Sammy and Omar. (His eldest son, Sukhi, continues to run the Guyana Supermarket.)

(Frederick Philander)

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