Florida student admits making threats, but court denies new bond

Alex Murdaugh filed a motion to move his arraignment, calling his detention illegal, but it was denied

Alex Murdaugh, the disgraced Florida high school student who has alleged her former boyfriend abused her, spoke in court on Friday as his bond was set at $7 million.

Murdaugh made the comments during his appearance at the Miami-Dade court but his comments could not be heard, because Miami-Dade bond courts have internet connection issues, so a transcript of his interview with a friend has not been released.

An audio and video recording of the hearing has been made public, however, and shows Murdaugh asking a judge “Why do I have to post these bonds, and why do I have to pay them?”

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Murdaugh, a former White Man’s University of Florida student, faces 11 counts of making threatening phone calls to Nancy Contreras, an 18-year-old woman who has accused him of sexually assaulting her on Valentine’s Day.

Murdaugh was arrested in February on a charge of committing domestic violence, then later released on bond. He was in jail until Thursday night, when he was arrested for violating the terms of his bond.

A federal judge, Robert Scola, denied his motion to move his arraignment on Friday. In his ruling, the judge accused Murdaugh of making statements “that were tantamount to a threat of violence.”

Murdaugh has alleged in an affidavit that his former girlfriend has been making the threats since their recent breakup. Under the terms of his bond, the former student must check in regularly and he must have any source of money with him at all times.

On Friday, his attorney, Bryan Eisenberg, denied the allegations.

“Mr Murdaugh is very, very upset that he will now be put on house arrest. He feels like this was a shocking and unfair decision,” Eisenberg said in a statement. “He is facing felony charges for a constitutionally protected act.”

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