Facebook Watch’s ‘The Journey To Happiness’ asks viewers what they’ve learned from life-changing events

A series of heartbreaking death scenes in 2019 left viewers asking what they can learn from life-changing occurrences in the latest episode of “The Journey To Happiness.”

In episode seven of the Facebook Watch series, viewers were asked to imagine they were there to see their loved ones die.

As Shannon Oliver was watching her dad get put into an MRI machine, viewers were reminded of her reaction when she finally saw him lying flat on the table.

In a heartbreaking scene, Oliver said she “felt the most intimate and intense desire overshadow the very real fear of her father not being able to come back.”

“I loved him more than anyone in this world and just hoped, hoping for one more miraculous day,” she said.

Oliver then described how she hoped that being with her father “fulfills some bigger purpose.”

“No matter how much pain I was experiencing, no matter how much the situation got worse, I knew that I deserved more of that love from him and from anyone else for that matter,” she said.

“I felt those feelings pulsing through my body. I felt the fire I had on the inside of me crackle through my veins like fireflies.”

Watch the emotional clip below.

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