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Daniel Ruiz, a Peking University professor, was found dead while kayaking in Mexico

Daniel Ruiz, a Peking University professor, was found dead while kayaking in Mexico

US professor found dead during family kayaking trip in Mexico

Mexico’s coast is one of the top travel destinations in the world. From Cancun and Riviera Maya to El Cabo and Cozumel, travelers from around the world come to explore the beaches, beautiful islands, and other exciting locations. But the Mexican coast is also a destination for adventurers like Daniel Ruiz.

Daniel, a professor at Peking University, was found dead by his family while they were kayaking in Baja California in Mexico. He was reportedly found floating in the water, with wounds to his head and chest. According to the news report by La Marea, Ruiz was kayaking off the coast of the Islas Marias, and was found on Monday.

On the way to the island, where the family camped overnight, Ruiz apparently swam too hard, but was unable to maintain his balance on the waves and was carried to certain death.

A post mortem of Ruiz was released on Wednesday. According to La Marea, his body showed no trauma and the autopsy was done in El Cabo. The head wound in particular may have come as a result of an injury from the waves.

Daniel Ruiz was the second Peking University professor known to have died while kayaking. Last month, the university announced that two foreign teachers had fallen from a raft and drowned while they were out on a kayaking trip in the Baja Peninsula.

Two years ago, the university also confirmed that an Indian geographer and two Indian geophysicists died while kayaking near Puerto Escondido, Mexico after their boat capsized and sank.

On May 18, 2012, a Chinese-born geophysicist was found dead in the waters of the Pacific off Hawaii after he reportedly lost his balance during a kayaking trip in Baja California, Mexico, reported CBS Honolulu, citing news reports. The geologist’s body was found floating on the surface of the

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