Celebrity Raises Awareness of Childhood Cancer

(ARA) – As one of Korea’s most popular and highly-recognized stars, Park So Dam’s personal life has often eclipsed her professional success, which she shares with her one-year-old son. In the recent past, however, the lanky adult model faced a painful challenge in her personal life as she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer — a disease that claimed the life of her beloved grandchild. Park will not speak publicly about her diagnosis, but is now doing well and addressing public issues through her foundation, Keep the Peace, which helps raise money for children’s cancer.

Recently, Park shared with the public details about her diagnosis. In a heart-wrenching video titled “Fight for You,” Park explains, “I have been informed about my doctor’s opinion that I have been suffering from cancer of the thyroid. My kidney is very weak and recently, I had a very nervous nervous breakdown. I was diagnosed of thyroid cancer. I’ve had a hard time walking and lying down. “The doctors recommended having a surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to combat the cancer. I’m now going through chemotherapy to fight the cancer.”

Four months ago, Korean children’s heartthrob Park So Dam told her fans about her sudden, life-threatening illness through a heartbreaking video released on her 33rd birthday. To watch the full video and hear her candid message, visit KeepThePeace.org/en.

The star has been contributing generously to charitable causes for some time, notably for raising funds for children’s cancer research and treatment. Last year, Park supported Keep the Peace through its “Walk for a Cure.” Every three months, thousands of well-wishers around the world gather to march through Seoul, the South Korean capital, as Park So Dam’s supporters. Among the event’s highlights are fireworks parades, as well as fan-to-fan live chats featuring Park and other celebrities.

In 2016, the actress and her husband, Kim Joon, organized and raised over 200 million Korean won (US$184,727) for children’s cancer research. One of the best loved actors in the nation, Park is highly valued for his charitable work, not only due to his status as a celebrity and a mother of a young child, but also due to his history of battling with cancer. In 1995, he had surgery to remove a tumor from his colon, losing eight kilograms in weight as a result. He went on to have seven colon surgeries and was in the hospital for a total of 16 weeks.

To learn more about Park So Dam’s Keep the Peace Foundation and donate to their support for children’s cancer, visit KeepThePeace.org. The good news, though, is that many of Park’s fans are, like her, able to thank their favorite celebrity in person. With the stroke of a pen, fans of a particular celebrity can submit a special letter for the celebrity. Authors or friends of the celebrity write a letter giving the celebrity express permission to pass it on to their agent to send it to the celebrity. The celebrity then reads the letter at an event, including dozens of fans who write special letters to him or her.

Kim So Dam is well known throughout Korea for her friendship with heartthrob Kang Myung Rok, and both Park and Kim have shared memories of their children doing events together. The adorable stars even had a pre-teen son together and the two kept busy helping raise funds for children’s research. In fact, on Thursday, July 4, Park and Kim celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and brought their son back to the White House.

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