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Anthony Rapp’s “Courage and Humility” is the Truth

Anthony Rapp’s “Courage and Humility” is the Truth

Kevin Spacey slated to make first speaking appearance in five years, receive award in Italy

In 2014, actor Anthony Rapp accused the film industry of ‘culturally and politically white supremacist’ actions, while discussing sexual abuse allegations against him. In 2018, Spacey wrote an essay about the #MeToo movement.

The disgraced actor Anthony Rapp made headlines late last month when Rapp accused the film industry of sexually abusing him when he was 14 years old.

On Saturday (14 February 2019), the 71-year-old playwright, novelist and filmmaker will make his first public appearance since the release of the Academy Award-winning film in which he plays the iconic lead in Broadway’s The American.

Spacey, who was the film’s director, wrote an essay for the New York Times on the #MeToo movement.

“There are many things about this movement that should be welcome,” the actor, who played iconic leading man Bill Clinton in the Tony awards-winning play All the Way, told the New York Times.

“Like all good things, I do not welcome everything. This requires courage and humility. There are times when I have been profoundly moved. It has required me to be humble. The process is painful. That’s the truth.”

The actor-director’s move comes after the director of Ridley Scott’s upcoming film The Martian, Matt Damon, who is also one of the leads and screenwriter of the film, called for an investigation into Rapp’s allegations.

“It is so important for us to listen to the stories that are being told by people who have gone through similar experiences,” said Damon. “Anthony’s story was particularly powerful and his courage in sharing what he has been through with the rest of us is all the more powerful. That said, we can’t ignore the issues that Anthony has raised through

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